Bouzouki Stathopoulos Style

Bouzouki based on Anastasios and John Stathopoulos work.
Build in steps of one of the three molds used by Stathopoulos (wider).

The vessel was palissandro, curly maple and separator string between the doges -as John habit.
The lid is a 70 year-old elato that belonged to Kantzouni (old Spartan manufacturer).
The decor was palissandro-tortoiseshell (imitation), MOP and Abalone.I rosette is curly maple.
The rosette and the butterfly are drawings by Spiros Dimitropoulos.

The German brand is cid from ebony mandolin Mourtzinos (non repairable) Fingerboard: ebony
Chordodetis is German (brand named Cid) from a ebony mandolin of Luthier Mourtzinos (non repairable).

Fingerboard: ebony

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