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    For 20 years we manufacture stringed musical instruments in Sparta Greece. Bouzoukia with 3(6) strings or 4 (8)strings, Lutes(laouta), parlor and acoustic Guitars, tzouras, baglama and tambouras. Our love for wood, leads us throughout all the constructing procedure. We use restored Greek, European and tropical wood. Indian and Brazilian rosewood, maple, cherry, walnut, mulberry, rose, spruce and cedar of Lebanon are worked with the same love and passion.We aim to three final goals: the ultimate sound, durability in time and playability.

Μπουζούκι σε φόρμα ταμπουρά.Μουριά, έλατο,...
3 Hord Bouzouki Restoration made by Panagi...

Building handmade Musical Instruments.

  •  Bouzouki Lute , Guitar, Tampouras.Ola manufactured with the same love , passion and impatience for the first akousma.Poikilia models, molds and ichon.Ola with our personal style and imprint.

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